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To assist briefly as Maryanne's co-author. Please see Justice Mossop's sentencing judgment linked in the story. It contains parts of David McBride's police interview which show he didn't plan to whistleblow on Australian soldiers and apparently distanced himself from the ABC story because his initial or main purpose was to protect those soldiers he considered were unfairly investigated for war crimes he says they didn't commit. Ultimately, McBride's disclosures seem to have revealed both.

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And it really isn’t just Military secrets. Public servants are constrained by the public service act and national cabinet 20 year confidentiality. The truth only comes out with a Royal Commission like robodebt.

Remember the Sacked public servant who 'failed to conceal identity despite anonymous tweets'


We often are challenged by political decisions to stop the public knowing

Morrison with his 5 secret ministries was able to cover his tracks and we still don’t know what secret deals he made with Big Pharma under cover of Cabinet secrets and how many died in the Pandemic because no one could speak out

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You just need to look at what happened to Assange to know where we're at.

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Until that little prick swings from a rope in a US military prison, nothing has yet "happened" to him.

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It's hard to fathom that such people exist, but then I remind myself what they did to me for simply wanting to wait for some longer-term evidence (of the jabs).

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This man was tried (and sentenced) in the ACT Supreme Court. This once again raises the question of whether there should even be such a coercive entity as a ‘Supreme Court’ in the ACT - what is in effect, a company town.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a completely artificial political construct which has become a financial parasite on the rest of Australia. In modern times, a special court system such as that of the ACT Supreme Court dedicated to serving a company town is an anomaly. It needs to be abolished and its functions absorbed into the legal framework of New South Wales, which geographically envelopes it.

As for the gaol sentence against this man - it is a prime example of a grossly disproportionate punishment, especially in the context of the lack of accountability of the failed individuals who command Australia’s armed forces and the incompetent Department of Defence. If the judge felt legally compelled to convict the whistleblower on the basis of the letter of the law, then one would also have expected that his moral judgement would have compelled him to have handed down a sentence along the lines of that of the British judge in Leon Uris famous 1970 novel, “Queen’s Bench VII” – which was loosely based on a libel case brought by a concentration camp doctor. In Uris novel, the doctor – who was the complainant – won his case, but the judge awarded him only one half-penny – the smallest coin in the realm. That is also about the worth of the people who run Australia’s defence establishment.

One suspects that none of the people who populate the ACT’s legal apparatus would ever have heard of Leon Uris or his famous novel. Where is Australia going? Kyrie Eleison!

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We create murderers, who we call soldiers, "fighting for our cause" and then we punish them, for doing their paid job and killing people, who they regard as the enemy, they have been paid to kill.

While I don't agree with the whistleblower in this case and the anguish he brought on our latest VC guy - Ben? - I don't see how we can have soldiers who kill, in our cause and then punish them when they do

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Please see my comment on this forum.

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Christine, I agree with your post up to a point but, respectfully, you miss important nuances in your note.

Please let me explain.

The military’s intention is not to, “create murderers.” Soldiers doing their duty in the heat of combat, from a legal sense, do not murder a combatant enemy. They lawfully kill them. Lawfully killing combatant enemy is not what gets a soldier punished.

From Maryanne’s post, “The Brereton Inquiry, commenced by the ADF before McBride’s whistleblowing leaks, found credible information that Australian Special Forces had unlawfully killed people in Afghanistan.”

Soldiers who kill people unlawfully (unarmed enemy and or civilians), and found guilty of this war crime are subject to punishment. And indeed, these guilty soldiers are referred to as murderers.

“…the Inquiry [Brereton Inquiry] has found that there is credible information of 23 incidents in which one or more non-combatants or persons hors-de-combat were unlawfully killed by or at the direction of members of the Special Operations Task Group in circumstances which, if accepted by a jury, would be the war crime of murder…”—pages. 28-29.

Should Australian soldiers be punished for unlawfully killing (murdering) people?

Of course, they should!

Regarding McBride; he leaked classified military documents to the ABC which found evidence of war crimes. This evidence was of course aired as “The Afghan Files” in 2017.

Did he commit a legislative crime? Yes. But why did he? Because the documents had evidence of war crimes by Australians and the military brass and others ignored the possibility of crimes being committed!

You mentioned the “…anguish he brought” to the “latest VC guy – Ben (?)” Presumably you refer to Ben Roberts-Smith. His plight was, as far as I’m aware, unrelated to McBride’s whistleblowing.

But regardless, any Australian soldier who is charged and convicted of the war crime of murder, regardless of the medals awarded, must face the “music.”

Albeit Defence Force officers, government ministers or bureaucrats protecting ‘Australia’s reputation’ by ignoring the possibility of war crimes by Australian soldiers at the expense of “the Law.” It is my unequivocal view, as an army veteran, that’s not on.

It’s obvious McBride “stepped across the line” because his reports were ignored by the authorities.

So, what’s worse; condoning the war crime of murder by our troops, or wearing a bit of egg on our nations face?

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There are strict rules of engagement

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Yes, see my comment on this forum 🙏

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Thank you Maryanne. I did read that before. And those are the kind of fellas I march with on ANZAC Day. Keep up the great work!!

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Telling the Truth shouldn't be deemed a Criminal Act, unless Australia's legal system parallels China's or Russia's? Indeed, many dissidents of Putin or Xi who strongly express 'opposing views' to these tyrannical despots, seem to peculiarly disappear....They don't even have the opportunity to be oppressed in a government institution!!!

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What a disgraceful miscarriage of justice. This man is a hero. He has strong opinions because he is correct about the ADF. We all know he is correct about the corruption of the ADF. This judge should be behind bars for having incorrect opinions that put an innocent man in jail, and to deter him from being a corrupt government shill in the future.

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The Australian Government deliberately excluding evidence that supported McBride's contentions is a shameful example of how our elected parliamentarians will sacrifice a truth teller in favor of their own reputation. What does this mean for our defense forces personnel? Do what you want to - you will be protected! Killing unarmed non-combatants is abhorrent. So now, what hope is there for Julian Assange?

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Secrecy is essential for a corrupt government. It's getting worse by the day.

They are planning a huge financial crisis to install CBDCs to enslave us.

What’s your best way to wake-up those who don’t want to open their eyes?

Please share your most effective wake-up strategies.

The more the awakened, the sooner this nightmare will be over!

The most effective strategy is asking about the person’s opinion on some of these topics:

Would you be interested in the story of how a father got 20 million dollars from the Government?

Or, show the video of the baby seizures:


That usually works, especially with young couples having children.

If the person doesn’t want to discuss injections, then food is a good start:

Why is food poisoning legal?

How Rumsfeld forced the approval of Aspartame.

Artificial sweeteners, MSG, PFAS, Glyphosate ... go organic!


Then I’d follow with "Are you opened to see if the actual data matches your opinion?"

Then I start showing some of the shortcomings of the Pharma industry:


Then, show that every single person on the planet should be suing Pfizer and Moderna for deliberately hiding human DNA in their vacicnes, and Pfizer, for injecting an undisclosed carcinogenic monkey virus (SV40) sequence into the cell nucleus of the clueless biohacked, as officially recognized by Health Canada !!!

If he doesn’t like the topic, I’d show this video (all you need is 10 secs in the middle, who doesn’t have 10 seconds for you):


(caveat about the beginning: pot destroys your brain + “Raises Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke”)

9/11: two "planes", yet the third tower (WTC7) imploded, free falling on its footprint like in a controlled demolition. It was out of reach, and all 7 World Trade Center towers needed to be rebuilt, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center... and the “owner” took an insurance policy for the WTC against terrorism, just months before, when no one was taking them … he didn’t show up for work precisely on 9/11 … just as his 2 grown up siblings (they never skipped work before). The inside information about the FUTURE 9/11 event helped masons make trillions by shorting the stock exchange: the records were deleted by the SEC so they wouldn't be prosecuted !!!

Watch amazing short and more evidence here:


Please watch all of this! Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population by 2050… written on the masonic Georgia guide-stones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 … ”:


- J6: The false flag operation of the fake riot was planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!! The same mason-plot was copy-pasted to disband the insurrection against the stolen elections in Brazil! All intel agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) were founded by masons and are run by them for their own nefarious goals.


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same J6 play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



All political parties are compromised/infiltrated. For example, Italy supports vax pass and WHO Pandemic Treaty !!! Meloni's Government! People voted her for being against that!


- At least since the 90s, vaccines are weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, dyslexia in 29% of kids, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:

Free 100 redpill movies and documentaries:

(don't miss the 1st one, 10 min at 2x, an amazing tool to start a discussion):


- COVID was designed as a primer for even more lethal COVID haccines:




- You’ll go nowhere and you’ll be happy:


Elon's top secret: EVs cause cancer

Go green with gasoline!


- It's genocide for depopulation:

Depopulation or EXTERMINATION? (finest quotes):

https://scientificprogress.substack.com/p/depopulation-or-extermination https://scientificprogress.substack.com/p/depop-vaccines-no-myth

- You are the carbon they want to exterminate!

1. No one denies there's man-made climate change but scientists disagree on the cause and remedies.

Prehistoric data from ice cores proves that temperature rise precedes carbon release in the atmosphere, not the other way around.


2. There's proof of deliberate geoengineering to increase global temperatures and droughts and decrease albedo by dissolving clouds with satellite Electro-Magnetic Frequencies.


3. Life involves a carbon cycle. A war on carbon is a war on life, causing food scarcity, increase in food prices and famines. Decarbonization is part of the plan to exterminate 95% of the population.

Killing me softly with green songs:


Carbon reparations:


Climate deaths:


- Their main source of power apart from sin-empowered demons? NOT a coincidence that the USA left dollar convertibility to gold in 1971, precisely triggering the exponential government deficit coupled with the trade deficit and inflation.

This is the Achilles’ heel of all nations: masonic and satanic secret societies counterfeit paper money and launder trillions with which they buy Banks, seats in the Federal Reserve (the only private run Central Bank in the world), political careers and parties, puppeticians, listed corporations, media, healthcare corporations and organizations, universities, foundations, judges, etc.:

Confessions of illuminati, David Rockefeller (finest quotes):


Ex illuminati Ronald Bernard: how the world REALLY works


Attali illuminati (“finest” quotes)


The way out of this mess:

1. Create an easy system for real money: private currencies/warrants based on real assets, goods, services, etc. (gold, corn, oil, distance/volume/weight transportation, labor human hour/minute, etc.)

2. Ban legal tender. Let the free markets decide which real-currencies/valuables/warrants they prefer to trade with

3. Ban paper-backed currencies (unlike real-backed ones of point 1.)

4. Enforce a Legal Banking Reserve of 100% of deposits (so banks don't create money based on air) and therefore there's no excuse for a Central Bank, because there would be no risk of bank-runs since all their loans are fully backed with deposits

Anything else you might think of?

Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


President John Quincy Adams: “Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong - a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

If you are a mason or know a mason, ask him to ask his 33° master to put in writing and sign it, who is "the great architect" and that he is not Lucifer. If he refuses, then he’ll know who he is really serving, Satan: tell him to get out of masonry NOW. Sooner or later he’ll be required to trample on a cross to get to a higher degree.

Confessions of a former mason (Serge Abad-Gallardo):


Confession of 33rd degree master mason - Masons worship deities/demons


Masonry's Satanic Connection


Masonry's Satanic Doctrine | From Their Own Books


Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer? Evidence They Don't Want You To See


Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies [1995] [VHS]


Satanic Pedophilia Torture and Blood - Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed


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I am amazed how governments and government departments continue to roll out taht same, tired old term that has been creating a dark smokescreen for evil for decades - national security. Seriously, I'd like to have this explained to me in tight detail, how a lawyer revealing a wrongdoing, can interfere with the entire country's security. It seems to be the unquestionable roadblock.

But even more importantly, as McBride stated, who is going to stand up and take responsibility for this farce of a war. Just about every war since Vietnam that Australia has been involved in has proven to be a farce. Cold case murders get investigated for decades. These crimes too should be investigated, litigated and punished. And I don't care how many politicians and bureaucrats have to go to prison. At least it will create a new standard for public office.

The madness must stop sometime.

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Prof Brian Martin at Wollongong has been writing about this day for decades. Wake up people, we need a revolution to fix this mess!

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If you area soldier in an islamic country where it all but impossible to tell the terrorists from the civilians. Everyone looks like a civilian. Then mistakes will be made. I find it bewildering that people who have never served in a theatre of war feel like thy can pass judgement on soldiers in a theatre of war. I don't have much sympathy for this man.

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Please see my comment on this forum.

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Mossop should be in jail, not McBride. Only a complete idiot cannot see that McBride has the moral high ground. and how can the information leaked pose any threat to national security. Mossop is protecting the criminals.

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In this particular case, he should have been jailed! These soldiers in Afghanistan faced death every day and many did several tours! This is so different a situation from say a public servant behind a desk in Canberra. For some upstart, who obviously only thinks in black & white and probably only knows half the story, to whistleblow is so wrong!

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I spoke with a special forces commando regarding this issue many times. I expected him to feel the way you do on the matter. But, it was the opposite in fact. He said that he had undergone intense training over many years to learn how to, under extreme deprivation and stressful situations, deal with enemies versus civilians, or unarmed and cuffed combatants. He said to me that, as soldiers, they had very clear codes of conduct and because of those rules, he did not support the behaviour of the *few* soldiers who allegedly breached those codes (Brereton report). Notably, he said the sentiment among most of his colleagues was the same. This commando risked his life for this country on multiple tours and so his insight had an impact on me.

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The soldiers themselves rely on consistent sets of rules. Surprised to see supporters of BenRS here - the whole civilians incl children deaths and injuries as a result of military might and protecting against truth in military has come to a terrible lead in GAZA and IDF

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Please see my comment on this forum.

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Governments will tolerate you hating and criticising them, because it still aligns with "projection of power".

What they can't abide is being mocked, shamed, embarrassed or humiliated, which destroys it.

It is the common thread in both this case and that of Julian Assange.

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