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Apr 26, 2023Liked by Maryanne Demasi, PhD

Just because a priest is standing in a pulpit, inside a church, doesn't mean you can trust him with your children.

When we lie to someone, and we know we have lied, we have two choices. Fess up and become honest. Repair the damage and then work hard to regain trust. The opposite choice is to maintain the lie. Before you know it, another lie is needed, then another, and another. Pretty much the only honesty is a self admission that you need to keep lying to hold of a catastrophic storm of humiliation and rejection.

You wrote: Traditionally, the FDA has regulated health misinformation to protect consumers from misbranded and adulterated products, but this new proposed “misinformation oversight” seems to extend to overseeing any online health-related issue.

Perhaps the FDA took a wrong turn the moment they agreed to an outside influence that coerced them to endorse, not just the vaccines, but the entire vaccine program. Imagine the healing that would take place if they took a deep breath and did a Tucker Carlson.

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