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Thanks for this enlightening report. Until now, I believed that large amounts of corrosive Pfizer cash (and the fact that a handful of NIH employees receive royalties from the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine) was the driving force behind the dominance of these two mRNA vaccines.

But your statement "There’s also speculation that the FDA’s deference to mRNA technology serves to clear the path for other mRNA therapies in the pipeline" made me think differently. It makes a LOT of sense: the FDA, Big Pharma and other agencies are betting a great deal on _other_ mRNA based therapies for things like cancer. So they don't want anything to damage its reputation or its ability to gain approval in the future. I hadn't thought of this.

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Startling, to say the least.

Five of the 6 cases were after the second dose. This needs attention. FDA has been so irresponsible in so many ways.

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Dear me!!

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Pfizer reported 132 cases of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome to April 2022.

Plus 80 other different types of Inflammation affecting all organs, including the Eyes, in thousands of victims.

Source FOI-3727

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Here's a business model: 1. Get something in people which makes them sick, 2. Name the disease, 3. Sell medicine for it. Repeat from 1:

• Too much sugar > Diabetes > medicine

• Too much Linoleic acid > Obesity > medicine

• Too much DDT > Cancer > medicine

• Too many injections > Disease > medicine

... and so on. End result:

• Too much medicine > Disease > medicine

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I would bet most childhood vaccines might cause something like MIS-C. There is no solid reporting system for vaccine injuries and that is so that big pharma can get away with murder. VAERS has been a joke for the last 35 years. The FDA is the best marketing arm that big pharma could ever pay off.

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Another case of profoundly distorted priorities. It is interesting that many people do lose perspective when given power. When given too much power, people can get completely lost in their own self aggrandized reality. Who knows what is going on in the minds of the people at the CDC and the FDA.

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Also see https://amps.redunion.com.au/covid19_evidence_based_information and especially the linked report of Dr Phillip Altman who I have personally known since the mid 90's.

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A leading pharma company with a genius ethical CEO (who I've known personally since 1992) tried to convince the UK Government that vaccinating people below age 50 was not necessary and the risk/benefit not favourable. They advised that 2 doses should be enough and we should observe the population after that. They alerted the Government of the risk of heart inflammations (myocarditis/pericarditis) with mRNA vaccines in young males and it was clear the risk was higher after the second dose and likely would also be elevated with a third dose (the picture was already emerging in 3Q21).

Furthermore, there are concerns about the risk of heart failure in the long term in young people who develop heart inflammation from the vaccine. Some physicians mention there is a link between respiratory viral infection in young people (especially males) and risk of heart failure as they get older. A heart inflammation due to mRNA vaccination could be similar to heart inflammation due to a viral respiratory infection.

Since heart inflammation linked to mRNA vaccines is very frequent (especially asymptomatic cases), will this trigger a wave of heart failures in the future?

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It's called criminally negligent homicide.

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Maybe not a double standard. Agencies are captured and beholden to those with the most money, the most influence, the most power, and do their bidding. Big dog uses their minion agencies to protect market share from those secondary vax manufacturers. Wouldn’t matter the delivery platform, just depends on the one with the greatest influence.

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