I saw a presentation on YouTube about the statin wars some years ago. Very impressive. This shed light on the corruption of pharma, medicine in pursuit of profits at the expense of consumers and patients. Glad to see you doing more of the same in relation to the covid 19 response of the US government, which served many political agendas, not only those of players in pharmaceutical and medical industries and government regulatory agencies. Even if you consider DeSantis to be a devil, he deserves some credit for his leadership in opposing covid 19 pandemic policies of the federal government under Trump and Biden.

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Dec 17, 2022Liked by Maryanne Demasi, PhD

Great move DeSantis, but are you doing it for glory and the ultimate trophy of the White House, or because you really care about the vaxx injured/dead electorate?

"By the time a man gets to be presidential material, he's been bought ten times over".

— Gore Vidal, 1925-2012, American writer

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Time will tell. Paradoxically, being in the top job means serving multiple interests and this can diminish the ability to act.

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Excellent reporting. I cross posted on my account, including notification to my subscribers

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Maryanne Demasi, PhD

Thank you, Dr D. As usual, from this stable, a clear and sensible commentary on complex matters.

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Appreciate it.

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It's a start. A late start, a slow start, a small start, but nobody else has done anything. Murderers don't need to pay fines, they don't need to lose their pensions, or their medical licenses. The little troll can look befuddled before the gallows for all I care.( yes I think a public hanging is appropriate when the crime is genocide, assuming the people of the world don't want to come together for a stoning and then sing We are the World over his bloody corpse)

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I'm at the point where I don't give a rat's ass how many people keep taking the jabs. Get'm all. Thin the herd of stupid people on the planet out.

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Man CNN is barely a shell of its former self. They have become the Yahoo! of mainstream television . Their mission to simply stay alive by promoting state sponsored propaganda. How pathetic


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