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Keep an eye out for Dr. McLindon. He says he has data showing 48% miscarriage rate (30 of 62 post-jab women miscarried). He got fired before he could publish. More info here:


Dr. McLindon served as the President of the Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine in South Brisbane. The specialist obstetrician and gynecologist worked at Mater Health for 13 years as the research lead of the fertility services unit at the hospital. He is starting to speak out with other doctors as part of the group "Doctors Against Mandates". He is also taking his termination case to the Courts with several others.

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We have long since reached the point where the FDA and other agencies protect the manufacturers from the consumers, but the public is still under the illusory impression that it is the other way around, which was the original intent, but is no longer the way things work in practice.,

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Who will the FDA protect? The pharmaceutical companies who fund them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that throws effective regulation and oversight, and therefore the people's health under the bus in favour of profit. The system is completely corrupt to the core.

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We know the FDA protects only one thing: Pharma profits. They are a fully captured "regulatory" agency. Half of their budget comes from Pharma. It's a sad, stark reality that the FDA and CDC are not looking out for the health of the American people. I don't know what will change this because I believe the rot goes very deep. The only thing I can think of is completely dissolving both agencies. HHS should be dissolved as well.

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As a DES DAUGHTER I've researched the lack of approval by the FDA for pregnant women. Every time I think I've turned a corner I hit a brick wall. How do we get justice because a drug used while my mother was pregnant with me has made me and my children a ticking time bomb. I'm angry.

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Since miscarriage was once rare, why is it more common today? That is the question which needs to be answered if it is indeed more common today.

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