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Thank you. I was prescribed this in early 2022. I also had a surprisingly rough battle with CoViD and the timing was just right to suggest this contributed. (To the severity, not the infection!)

I see no mention of this at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lancet or at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivaroxaban either.

Can't trust The Lancet. Can't trust Wikipedia.

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Thanks Maryanne, this drug helped kill my father (he has AF). He has a fall and had massive subdural and subarrachnoid haemorrhage. I noticed he would ooze blood from minor cuts on his skin for hours.

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This reminds me of the following. In 2012 I served as a secretary of a committee of the Dutch national Health Council that was to advice on the introduction of the new oral anticoagulants (then referred to as NOAC's). Two years after finalizing our advice, three articles appeared in the BMJ pointing to irregularities in the conduct of the key RCT for dabigatran (of which rivaroxaban was a competitor) (BMJ 2014;349:g4670, g4681, g4747). This prompted me and the chair of the committee to publish an opinion piece in the Dutch Medical Journal ("Doubts about the new anticoagulants"; PMID: 25534264, unfortunately in Dutch), reflecting on the damage this did to the trust in the approval process. Yet another example of the regulatory capture that would lead to the C19 vaccines scandal.

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I was prescribed this drug for one bout of AF (I don’t drink alcohol so when I did one night at a beach party the AF (holiday heart) kicked in. Only once.)

I took it for maybe 3 years until I started bleeding. Doctors wanted to do all sorts of invasive tests. I suggested we stop the xarelto and just see what happens before you go poking around! Few weeks later, I was fine. Do not trust doctors!

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This drug works on the clotting cascade factor Xa dissolving clotted blood while leaving platelets alone to aggregate. Since many clots forming in the jabbed consist of non blood components from the lnps and are resultant from damaged vascular endothelium, how exactly will Xarelto improve outcomes?

It won't, where's the 'science'? It's right in their pockets, Xarelto is mucho expensive compared to warfarin or heparin.

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Lies, damned lies and results of medical trials…

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Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough! I have a personal Message for you: What the Fake is going on?


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Presentation of my English publications about the fake pandemics and the vaccine genocide


Summary of the irrefutable evidence - in photographs and videos - of the presence of graphene and nano/micro-technologies in the Covid injection


Mik Andersen’s 39 articles in English: Graphene injections and intra-corporeal nano-communications network


Self-Assembly of DNA Crystals. Mik Andersen


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They have no shame!

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