Excellent report.

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The question in your blog title is rather funny. Do you really not know why the FDA has been protecting Big Pharma and their unsafe ineffective products? LOL

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My understanding is this is a DoD Operation and the FDA can't do anything - just pretend to be doing whatever, as all decisions are coming from the DoD. Was this not a BioSecurity State -Pharma-Military coup?

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Once upon a time in a galaxy far away, where earth used to be, if 50 safety signals arose from a new drug or vaccine, then the program was shut down, and further R&D was conducted.

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Breaking: Demand autopsies and that medical systems work with health departments to disclose manufacturer and batch/lot number for those that have died. Require manufacturers provide complete disclosure of the exact chemical make-up (including amounts) for each manufacturer and batch/lot number.



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They will find a way to refute any link or minimize it. The sheeple won’t react until large numbers of doctors stand up against Gov. propaganda.

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look at it this way: remember when you were a little kid and you did something that turned out bad and you knew you were going to get in trouble the minute your misdeed was discovered? it was inevitable; you were going to be found out and punished but you stalled as long as possible, hoping in your child fantasy way for some kind of miracle.

now imagine you are tony fauci. you've been trying (and failing) to make an HIV vaccine for 4 decades. every year you hype up the latest flu in the hopes that you can whip up enough panic to cause a crisis so that you can save the world and get your nobel prize but it never quite works out. H1N1 didn't kill enough people no matter how you tried to push it.

then in 2020, you got lucky (ok, it wasn't just luck) and the government spent lots of tax $$$ on advertising (brainwashing) tactics and they ginned the numbers to get people really worked up. you had this vaccine already in the works and finally, your nobel prize was so close you could taste it.

except, the vaccine didn't quite live up to the hype and neither did the virus and all cause mortality is higher after the vaccine then it was with the disease and if the general public ,found out your involvement in the whole mess, not only would you not get you statue, but there might not be enough security to protect you from the angry mob.

deep down inside, you're just a short man with a god complex and like a little kid, you are hoping to stall the bad news as long as possible, hoping that somehow this all goes away. you thought the ukraine might do it, but nope, the bad news keeps leaking out. maybe it'll go nuclear and then no one will much care about covid vaccines. it could happen

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Hi Maryanne,

My name is Jane Huber and I'm one of the producers at TNTRADIO and would love to invite you on to discuss this article.

My email is jane@tntradio.live

Kind regards

Jane Huber



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it seems that a successful vaccine product requires something special that goes beyond science, something the Oxford and Johnson&Johnson vaccines both lacked. I would guess there are people inside those two organizations who understand what that something special is, but aren't talking.

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I would say madness except it’s clear deliberate, criminal negligence at this point (actually well before this point!). A ‘regulator’ completely inverting the threshold and burden of proof god harm of an unnecessary product, now it’s “safe until 100% conclusively proven otherwise” - disgusting

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Smartest thing to do going forward is to avoid anything marketed by pfizer

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Dont forget Moderna. They only have one product: drugs based on the mRNA platform.

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Here’s why: illness, injury and death are the intended consequences of bioweapons.


Shorter, executive summary version:


Nutshell version:

US Government since 1969 has incrementally transferred/hidden the joint DOD+HHS Chemical and Biological Warfare Program (50 USC 32) in the Public Health Service Act (42 USC 201) and Food Drug and Cosmetics Act (21 USC 9), such that federally-funded, federally-directed public health programs and products are actually bioterrorism programs and biological and chemical weapon attacks.

The government's purpose is to commit mass murder/depopulate the world, without public knowledge and without legal consequence, and enslave survivors for wealth and power centralization through digitized 'vaccine' passports and digital currencies, without public knowledge and without public resistance.

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Why did the top Vaccine guys RESIGN from FDA, at the same time???

Because of political pressure from the Biden Administration - is the answer to these questions. Admitting that these shots are FAR MORE DEADLY than the BioWeaponized Coronavirus...well that would be bad for business...and 'depopulation' agendas.

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It’s funny (not) that the FDA wants “robust” epidemiological studies of potential adverse events, but Fauci will tout the results of garbage modeling studies that are favorable to vaccination.

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I'm sure You saw it at the time. Even tough it's on cdc rather than fda negligence seems to tie in really well with the important point You're making. Keep up the great and meticulous work and G-d bless(&protect)!

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